big ideas

Thinking Conceptually &  Broadening Horizons

Understanding Character requires a certain level of ability to develop conceptual thinking; the ability to “think outside of the box.” Sometimes this may seem intimidating, but we find that most people can improve their ability to think conceptually.  If you lead other people, it’s necessary. As leaders, you must get out of your comfort zone and learn new things.

One thing is for sure, almost no one can sit in an office and really think.  Offices are for getting stuff done – not for developing deep thoughts.  Leaders must leave the office and get away from their day-to-day work and allow their thoughts to wander. Getting away from routine responsibilities allows for original ideas to take root.  If leaders don’t do this, they will try to solve problems in the same way over and over.  This, naturally, does not produce quality results and is frustrating to the folks they are leading.

Getting away should have the purpose of broadening your horizons.   It doesn’t mean a vacation to a familiar resort; it means going somewhere  that is unfamiliar and perhaps even a little uncomfortable.  Somewhere different. 

Effective leaders have to get out of their offices, leave their workplaces, and immerse themselves in experiences that sometimes may not seem to have anything to do with work.  Whether it be a walk through the neighborhood, or a journey across the ocean, the experience will create growth and fresh perspective and this, in turn, will help your conceptual thinking.  Your big ideas will blossom.



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