Sometimes you need to get out of town!

3 things

need to be true for individuals to successfully achieve their goals

  1. Every person needs to be doing something in life that is a reasonable “fit” for the character they have.  If they are in the workplace, the person needs to be reasonably congruent with the job they are doing.
  2. A person needs to have know-how.  This means that each of us needs to know how to do the thing that we are doing.  If we are a baker, we need to have learned how to bake.  If we are a teacher, we need to know how to go about making our plans, setting curriculum, organizing a classroom .  Whatever the job is – we need the education/training required in order to feel “expert”.
  3. Broadened horizons.  This means that a person needs to be working towards increasing what they know.  In other words, be learning something.  We cannot operate on the same information all of the time; we need to work towards understanding things we currently do not know.

If a person is leading other people, #3 becomes more necessary and even critical to success.

Broadening horizons helps us “see bigger” and, when we can do that, we become better problem solvers, we are calmer, and we are able to keep perspective even when things around us may get chaotic.

In an effort to help both individuals and groups with their broadening of horizons, Wingspan will take groups just about anywhere!  It can be as simple as a local park or it can be paddling on a Great Lake.  Sometimes it is camel riding in Morocco!  All retreats are designed to get people out of their comfort zone (without being too scary) and help them learn something new.